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  • Traffic Advisor by Pocket Radar (PR1000-TA)

    The professional grade Traffic Advisor™ is the state of the art in advanced handheld radar technology. It is the world’s smallest certified accurate speed radar. Designed for traffic professionals, engineers and many more applications, it has been independently tested and certified by the police radar test lab to be accurate to within +/- 1 mph (+/- 2 kph). Instrument grade quality and design in the palm of your hand, the Traffic Advisor™ has a ½ mile range on a car and measures from 7 mph to 325 mph. Includes calibrated tuning fork, tuning fork certificate of accuracy, test lab certificate of accuracy, factory certificate of accuracy, soft-shell belt holster case, 2 AAA alkaline batteries, manual and 2 year warranty.  WE DO NOT HOLD LARGE STOCKS OF THIS ITEM SO THERE MAY BE A SLIGHT DELAY IN DISPATCH – 5-7 DAYS?

  • Pocket Radar Ball Coach

    The Ball Coach™ is specifically designed to measure the fastest speed of a ball in flight.

    Easy to use.  Fantastic for active sports people and particularly for sports teachers and coaches!

    Currently being used by some national hockey teams! 🙂

  • Pocket Radar Classic

    A very neat piece of technology!

    Measure speed of all vehicles, a cricket, hockey or tennis ball – clay pigeon, luge … almost anything moving faster than 6mph.  Remember – the object must be moving away from or toward you (not across your beam).

    Used by Sports Clubs, warehouse managers, building site managers, the Police – to name but a few … and of course Community Speedwatch operations.




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