Ligature Cutters & Rescue Cutters

MAC Rescue Cutter (TS05)

Used as a diving knife or a rescue cutter


  • Blade – W1.4028 Stainless Steel.
  • Harness – 54-56 HRC
  • Thickness – 1.2mm, 0.047″
  • Weight – 56 gms, 1.98 oz
  • Knife Length – 12.5 cms, 4.92″
  • Blade Length – 5 cms, 1.96″
  • Colours – Yellow or red

£9.75 EX VAT

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We are pleased to introduce a new range by MAC Coltellerie of Italy rescue knives/cutters to our web-shop.  Uses – diving, sailing, climbing, fishing.

Really nicely made and reasonably priced.  The TS05 comes in yellow or red.   We currently only stock the yellow with black holster and red with red holster; please call us for special orders of black/black (minimum order 10).

We see the TS05 as an alternative to the Fish knives not the LC1 or ResQ Hook.

The TS05 is not re-sharpenable.

MAC have a great family story too:  “The handicraft activity developed in Maniago in ancient times grew and developed into what today is a true and proper industry specialized in knives and cutting tools.  It was in these surroundings that during the 1920’s our business began when Di Bon Giovanni, at that time 14 years old, started to work making knives.  In 1936 Giovanni together with other partners created a small factory that worked for other knife manufacturers.  In 1958, his son Roberto “joined up”.  In 1964, the present Mac Coltellerie was founded and that oriented its production towards the classical little knives for souvenirs and promotions.  Mac made it’s first passes in creating other types of knives thanks to Roberto’s experience in sports and in around 1978 the first hunting and diving knives were produced.  At this point our company started a process of variety enlarging the production of diving knives and starting to produce nautical, fishing and rescue knives.  In 1984, with growing production a bigger factory was needed and Mac moved to the industrial zone where it is today.  In 2003, Roberto’s son Matteo joined to take his place in the business, bringing major computerisation.  Thanks to a substantial machinery building and specific up-to-date equipment Mac Coltellerie has developed the whole production process in its factory – creating its own moulds for the moulding and blanking presses.  This guarantees Mac’s client a product of 100% – Made in Italy quality.”
It is interesting to note that MAC have a NATO N/CAGE Code – AH048 and two of their products have NATO Stock Numbers (NSNs).

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 0.12 cm
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