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GSM Alert device

  • 10 users
  • 2 years of battery time
  • 2 inputs (4 in ATZ mode)
  • 1 open collector 200mA 30V output
  • 1 aux terminal (12V, 200mA)
  • Connect Analog sensors (4..24mA)
  • Connect Discrete sensors (0..3V)
  • Configuration SMS or USB
  • Arm/Disarm via Touch Memory interface/SMS
  • SIM card 12 month contract included


£159.00 EX VAT

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The GSM Alert (GSMA4) is an inexpensive, simple, rugged, waterproof, battery powered and thus hugely versatile standalone security device.  As standard it comes with a shock sensor and microphone; to that you can add another input like a magnetic door contact, temperature sensor (up to 8!), in fact any sensor, camera or at the far end of the scale a complete LSMS Tomographic Motion Detection (TMD) system and you can add also an output to a camera.

So at its simplest – if that to which the GSMA4 is attached moves you will be sent a text and from that you can call it up and listen to what is going on.  Is someone interfering with your shed, heating oil tank, quad bike, tractor, yacht, trailer, motorbike panier, holiday home in the sun?  If fact take it with you on holiday (the SIM can be specified as a world roamer) and guard your tent, caravan or hotel room whilst you are out on the slopes or sea – wherever you are and enjoying it more so than usual because you can be secure in the knowledge that your belongings are secure.

It is easy to setup from a PC or laptop via the Configuration Tool and of course by SMS from your mobile phone.

The GSMA4 comes with a 12 month SIM card contract so that you don’t have to worry about the choice of card and whether a mobile phone SIM will work in an alarm system.

GSMA4 has been selected and configured by our sister company LifeSignsMonitoringSolutions (LSMS) Ltd, a Home Office Approved monitoring systems designers, installers and maintainer with systems throughout the UK in Police stations, prisons and the NHS; plus Canada and Belgium.  A track record you can rely on.

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