Why Barrington International?

For over 30 years we have supplied the MoD, police, prisons, the NHS, specialist hospitals, care homes, County Councils, sports clubs, Olympic teams and a huge variety of individuals.

Our Products

Barrington International products include ligature knives, safety clothing and bedding, metal detectors , speed radars and much more.  These safety products are designed to prevent harmful situations and to ensure swift and easy prevention of danger.  Other products are there because they simply WORK and we like them!

Personally Assured Products

All of the products we provide are personally reviewed and tested by Alan & June (and some trusted allies) to ensure they are of the best quality and are fit for purpose.  We are only too happy to discuss your precise requirements with you to ensure that you receive the most appropriate product to meet that requirement.  If we don’t have it we WILL find it.  If we cannot find it we will try to make it!

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Blade Resharpening

To ensure the blades in your cutters are always as effective as they can be, we offer a quick turnaround blade sharpening service.

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