Consulting to design and deliver credible, operationally relevant training that meets legislative requirements and adds value to the service offering:

Why Choose our Training

We offer expert hands-on training by our highly experienced trainer Chris Flounders.

Specialising in the Social Care Sector in the following areas:

  • Rescue from ligature
  • Conflict or Positive Behaviour Management & Anger Management (including over the phone)
  • Safeguarding, Mental Capacity and Depravation of Liberty
  • Psycho Social Interventions
  • Person Centered Key Working are Care Planning
  • Behaviour Management (supervising staff etc)
  • Confidence, Motivation and Self Awareness
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness (inc. ‘Legal Highs’)
  • Train the trainer
  • Equality & Diversity – protecting dignity & choice

During COVID-19 Chris has provided training for:

  • Key staff at The Nightingale Hospital & NHS Trusts
  • Web based emotional support for NHS management during most intense periods of crisis management via UNISON Support LD residential services with Zoom based training and web support during a time of huge uncertainty and escalation for some of the most vulnerable people in society.
  • "The training was very necessary to boost confidence and performance."

  • "happy with the training, tutor covered everything I thought was necessary."

  • "Training was enjoyable and engaging, many new skills learned to be passed on in the future."

  • "Training outcomes met all of my needs, trainer was encouraging and explained things well."

  • "I found the course very useful, the demos were good and clearly understood."

  • "very knowledgeable and interesting trainer."

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