At the risk of Repeating Ourselves

For over 26 years Barrington International has been in the business of finding solutions and where off the shelf solutions are not available we have created new products ourselves or with specialist suppliers.

Before the set-up of Barrington International, when our MD was with LandAir Defence Services, he was responsible for the establishment of a new Division within the then Royal Ordnance (now BAe); this Division was called Internal Security Systems.  The concept was that Royal Ordnance would supply all elements of a complete internal security package – from remotely controlled bomb disposal robots to riot helmets and everything in between.  A team within LandAir researched equipment from across the globe to fill the portfolio.  Well that was a long time ago, but it was the start of an information gathering exercise that has never stopped.

We can help you Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay & Defend.  Protect your children, friends, animals and all your property.  See how below:

GSM Alert Devices

These devices send SMS texts to designated numbers in the event of an alarm being raised.  They can also trigger other devices such as cameras.

  • GEA

    Gea is the Bang & Olufsen, the Porsche, the Faberge (you get the drift) of a simple security system.  It has multiple possible sensors reporting the Main Unit (MU).  The MU itself has a configurable sensor so anyone that tries to move it will trigger an alert.  The MU has a battery backup with lasts for 2 days or so, making it truly portable; in a permanent location it would be plugged into the mains.

  • GSMA4

    GSMA4 is such a neat, if not Gucci, device (LSMS does not do Gucci), in the sealed, rugged, waterproof “box” there is a shock sensor, audio listening microphone and of course the GSM facility which, like Gea, will text you in the event of an alert.  Like Gea you can add to it with other sensors or get it to trigger other devices.  Here it is shown on an oil tank where the box has been bonded to the tank; anyone trying to deprive you of your oil will tell you what they are doing and you can give them a very nasty surprise if you wish.  Paint it florescent pink and I guess that the bad guys might even think twice about spending a night in custody.

  • Sensors:

    These days we limit ourselves to more mundane, but technically exciting, products to improve the security of your home, business, farm, solar farm, fishing reach, pheasant pens, vehicle park, marina, church roof – the list is endless.  We can help you Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay & Defend.  Protect your children, friends, animals and all your property. To this end we have selected an array of sensors in conjunction with our Sister Companies:
    CovertOvertSensors&TransmissionTechnologies (COSATT) Limited
    LifeSignsMonitoringSolutions (LSMS) Limited

    The aim is to detect movement, of anything, and raise an appropriate alarm. Our concept is to raise an alarm BEFORE breaking & entering.  The average burglary is reckoned to take 8 minutes from start to finish, the average break in time – around 60 seconds.  There is an American website that illustrates this rather well.

    Sensors can react to anything and need to be distinguish between the good, the bad and the ugly. Movement of people, animals, vehicles, fuel tanks, fences, ground, doors, windows, vegetation, light, water, air (hot/cold/pressure) can all be used to raise alarms.

    We use optical sensors (CCTV), radars – wall penetrating and others that confine themselves to one room/space, PIR, air & ground pressure, magnetometers, thermal imaging, audio (acoustic), heat, light, vibration, break beams – active infra-red, water and finally uniquely Tomographic Motion Detection (working in 3D, through walls and up to 9000 square feet).  We add timers and day/night overrides.  And then we add communication device(s) so that the alarm can be transmitted to your phone, PC or monitoring service anywhere in the world.  We use GSM, GPS, radio, satellite and even the copper wires of land lines.

    And because we love sensors we can even sell you a 5.8GHz sensor IN an LED light bulb that will light things up when you are then and switch off when you are not.  By the way, being 5.8GHz it can see through things, so you can put a lampshade over it and being LED it won’t burn the shade.  Cool.

    If you are confident that you can install and maintain any of the products we offer then head of now to the Shop.  If you want advice, help with installation and maintenance then talk to LSMS.  LSMS has installed over 70 Life Signs Monitoring Systems and Cell Occupant & Occupancy Monitoring System in over 375 rooms and cells for the mainland Police, Police Scotland, the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the Belgian Police, the Correctional Service of Canada, the NHS recently and even The Hague Prison.  LSMS has also installed & maintained custody CCTV systems.  They are Home Office approved and have a wealth of experience – you can rely on them.

  • Metal Detectors

    We sell a range of metal detectors made by the good people at Adams Electronics and genuine Garrett Superscanners (watch out for Chinese copies on eBay – sorry to bang on).  We have supplied the Police and amongst many others, a London jeweller.  And there is a heart-warming story too; a couple lost their wedding ring of 50 years in the garden “down by the compost heap”.  We lent them our resident ground detector and a week later they came back to us with a good bottle of wine, a clean detector and … the wedding ring. Great. We love that.  So now we have a detector for sale as “pre-loved” or for rent.

  • Intelligent CCTV as a “sensor”:

    Remember –“The aim is to detect movement, ofanything, and raise an appropriate alarm”  – We use RIVA because the cameras are great and cost effective and equally because the RIVA guys in Germany are great too.  If you want to be able to differentiate movement by direction, speed, size and even colour then you need to talk to us and if you want a bespoke system installed we will put you on to LSMS.

Why trackers?  I hear you say.  Well, as a security device if you have been unlucky enough not to have succeeded, despite your security systems, in moving the bad guys on to someone else – then you and the Police will want to know where your property has gone.  Or you might just have lost your pampered pooch in Richmond Park.  Or if you a self-employed consultant of some form you may want to put a tracker on your car just to take away the misery of keeping written mileage records!

There are a lot of trackers out there varying from “black boxes” from military and police suppliers that can cost over £1500 to Chinese toys on eBay, Alibaba and Banggood that can cost £25 or so.  CAVEAT EMPTOR

When our sister companies Covert Overt Sensors & Transmission Technologies (COSATT) Limited and Life Signs Monitoring Solutions (LSMS) Limited were investigating communications modules for GSM alarm systems, like our “shed sensor” the GSMA4 and Vibsolas-Gea, they came across GPS modules on the same boards; they were tempted to start making tracking devices, having been asked by the Police, but frankly it is a crowded market so they did a lot of research and passed the solutions on to us.  So if you want to track your cossetted cat, your Caterpillar, Cayman (not the one that bites) or Crocodile Classic “Day Bag” come to us.

If you want something overt it is there in the shop.  It truly vies with devices many times the cost and has a great bespoke dashboard’

If you need something covert – call us, because we don’t want to show the bad guys out there what we can do for you.

The long & short of it is … if you want something that works and doesn’t give you hours of grief (We have been there!), please don’t use Alibaba, Banggood, eBay etc; speak to us and if we don’t know the answer we will help you find it.