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PR1000 Classic – A very neat piece of technology!

Measure speed of all vehicles, a cricket, hockey or tennis ball – clay pigeon, luge … almost anything moving faster than 6mph.  Remember – the object must be moving away from or toward you (not across your beam).

Used by Sports Clubs, warehouse managers, building site managers, the Police – to name but a few … and of course Community Speedwatch operations.

Please note that since the advent of the BallCoach, if balls are your thing please go for the BallCoach rather than the PR1000 Classic – because it has been optimised for ball sports.

Pocket Radar Ball Coach


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Pocket Radar Classic is a mobile phone sized speed radar.  Our sister company LifeSignsMonitoringSolutions (LSMS) Ltd can explain the technology in detail – please ask.

Pocket Radar Classic  –  If you want to know how fast something is travelling this is great “toy”.  On a serious safety note, they are ideal for traffic safety use.  Councils and parish communities have shown significant interest in this neat and effective road safety tool; many use the PR1000 for Community Speedwatch. UK Police Forces are also using this product in very significant numbers.

• It is accurate to +/- 1 MPH and able to measure a car from a half-mile away and even a tennis ball at 100 feet!  Based on fundamental new patents in Doppler radar, the Pocket Radar offers the same performance as other professional radar guns at a fraction of the size and cost.

• It can measure speed in MPH/KPH/FPS/MPS (be aware of the setting chosen or the readings will be misleading to say the least!).  Minimum speed measurable 7 MPH.

• It is incredibly (literally) convenient and easy to use. Weighing only 4.5ozs / 128gms, the Pocket Radar Classic is small enough to fit into a shirt pocket and discreet enough to use without altering traffic behaviour or worrying players.  The Pocket Radar Classic features a one-button “point and shoot” interface and can recall up to 10 readings.  It is also rugged enough for field use every day – even the Police cannot break them.

• The Pocket Radar Classic is factory calibrated for accuracy using the same technology used for the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and International Association of Chiefs of Police certification testing.  It is certified in the USA, but not by HO/CAST.

• New Dielectric Resonator technology allows it to be much more stable than current GUNN diode based designs, eliminating the need for any recalibration, even after being dropped.

The Pocket Radar Classic can make 10,000 readings on a single set of two AAA batteries.  It comes with a hard shell storage case, a set of Alkaline batteries and a wrist strap.  Only use top quality Alkaline batteries, do not use generics or supermarkets.  We would be happy to supply these at cost.

It also comes with a 30-Day, Money Back Guarantee.

There is a host of US YouTube videos via – the number of uses is limited by the imagination only.  View here

We apologise for the price increase; shipping and duty charges from the USA have made a big difference.  We are looking for an alternative to UPS,which should be one of the best.

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