Since 1988 Barrington International has been in the business of finding solutions and where “off the shelf” solutions are not available we have created new products ourselves or with specialist suppliers.  These “creations” have varied from bespoke outdoor clothing for the Police and a Round the World yacht crew – Dolphin & Youth Whitbread 60 in 1993/4, to bespoke handmade gloves, infra-red markers and signage.

Since 1999 we have specialised in the safety of staff and service users in the fields of Police custody units, mental health institutions and care homes.  We have supplied many thousands of ligature cutters of all sorts, disturbed patient bedding and fire resistant clothing.

Cutters and knives must regrettably be regarded as safety tools.  A sharp knife is a safe knife.  A sharp and well maintained ligature cutter saves lives.  FACT.

A note from Alan, our Managing Director and the Founder of Barrington International:
“Most people either love knives or hate them.  If you are ambivalent, it is because you do not care – provided it does the job.  Ask an Existentialist … If it doesn’t cut it isn’t a knife!
We have been involved with things to cut things, as a business, for 16 years. I was given my first sheath knife when I was 6, too long ago to admit to, but I still have it and it is sharp.  We have not only our experience, but that of the many users who have bought thousands over the last 20 years.  We seek feed-back constantly and we do act on it.
We sell knives and cutters because they are needed, they are vital and sometimes they DO save lives.
We are here to help you make the choice, to stop you wasting time on the internet and to help you avoid making a costly mistake.”

Let’s start with ligature cutters, ligature knives, aka seat belt cutters.

They are there to save lives, the correct choice is vital; it is too late to find that you have the wrong one when there is a life to save.  We sell a wide variety and we are going to develop a new one, because we believe it can be better.

Know what you might need to cut, assume the worst, don’t assume that it will only be shoe lace; it could be a wet rolled up sheet.  The LC1 and ResQHook will cut domestic electricity cables, computer network cables and so on.  They will not cut something like heavy duty garden wire or steel guitar strings.
Do you need serial numbers?  The LC1s are numbered.  Are you going to buy something that looks like the LC1, but still has the dangerous metal flashes on it?  Do you need them to be re-sharpened and sanitised? Do you want a lifetime warranty?  If not re-sharpened, do you need replaceable blades? Is cost a big issue – how do you put a cost on a life?  Do you need a pouch?  Does the pouch need to last a long time, i.e. will it be worn on a belt?

So many questions; if you are in doubt call us. 01985 850 845

The line up (not to scale) of ligature cutters (the ResQHook and Fish come in different colours):

Big Fish
Big Fish
Fish 200
Fish 200

Protective gloves and sleeves:

If you using knives there will be occasions when protective gloves are needed. If you are dealing with sharps puncture resistant gloves are important.  If you are dealing with a violent customer armed with a shard of glass you might want to consider protective sleeves.

Sharps Disposal:

Needles bins and sharps disposal bins are a necessary evil and over the years we have honed the design of the SharpShute.  It is not cheap, but it is nigh on indestructible and even aesthetically pleasing!

Metal Detectors:

If you need to find concealed sharps you will need a metal detector, like the UK’s very own Adams Electronics devices or the Garrett Super Scanner (beware of Chinese copies).

Head Torches:

With Petzel we were honoured to be partially involved with the development of a high spec head torch for the military and police.  This close relationship has led to us supplying head torchesfor the off-shore oil industry and mountain rescue teams.  In the future we will be carrying a wide range of head torches for all users, whether they be professionals or walkers.

Radar Speed “guns”:

In conjunction with our sister company LSMS we have learnt a lot about radar, but we found the PocketRadar a speed measurement device – something that they did not need to develop because Pocket Radar have done a great job.  Community Speed Watch teams, holiday villages, building sites and even model aircraft enthusiasts have all used them.  Not all speed kills though; sometimes it is exhilarating and the Pocket Radar was used to time a world speed record attempt for … a rocket propelled luge!