This is where the fun starts!

Over the years we have come across all kinds of things that make us smile.  They are connected to what we do of course, but they are either so nicely made or clever that we want to share them with you.

Sometimes this has a become an exciting race – for example when the London 2012 Olympics Opening & Closing Committees rang out of the blue and asked for black Nomex flying gloves, then a day later pale leather RAF flying gloves, then 50 pairs of “snoopy flying goggles” – a race to meet the deadline.  You can see them there in the videos if you look closely.



Gamesman mod

Years ago, a local company (Chester Jefferies) run by two brothers made us a single pair of chamois leather (chrome free) flying gloves for a Swedish Gripen pilot and one thing led to another; bespoke sniper and firearms officers’ gloves and a range of superb shooting gloves.  We have tried importing “run of the mill” military and police gloves from the US and Pakistan, but it was a disaster of quality of delivery; we rarely had the right style in the right colour or size.  A “mug’s game”.  So now we stick to the best and can find you anything.  Chester Jefferies make gloves for Purdey and Holland & Holland; that makes them good enough for us!

Sharp things:

And now to knives and a saw (yup, just one).



We have sold literally thousands of Ligature Cutters of one form or another and we know for sure that the users of them have saved many lives over the years.  So we are constantly looking at ways to improve the cutters and in doing so came across MoraKniv and wonderfully the local Mora specialist, who turned out to be an old friend.  If you need a good knife at a sensible price there is really no need to look for anything else.  I see that Ray Mears now sells them as well.

Here we talking about military, police, service users, survivalists or gardeners.  There are hundreds of options from all over the world and you can pay thousands for a knife – literally.  We have sought the advice of users around the world and we have tried the shortlist;  we have done the leg work for you.  Of course there are other options and many people will have their favourites.  If you want something to do the job and not be “eye candy” here they are.  If you lose one in the woods, it is not “a train crash” (as an ex-Ranger put it).  The Light Dragoons bought a few and I wonder sometimes how many they still have in their rucksacks – we spoke to them the other day and the knives are real hit.

You will need to be over 18.

If you need a saw, look no further than the Barco Laplander, they even have a Nato Stock Number (NSN) (they are all over the www, but why waste time looking?). The only problem with having one, is you will find that others want yours!  There are a host of different pouches on the internet, we are going to produce a simple and cost effective one – watch this space.



MiniCase Tracker           IMG_0720

Why trackers?  I hear you say.

There are a lot of trackers out there varying from “black boxes” from military and police suppliers that can cost over £1500 to Chinese toys on eBay and Banggood that can cost £25.

When our sister companies Covert Overt Sensors & Transmission Technologies (COSATT) Limited and Life Signs Monitoring Solutions (LSMS) Limited were investigating communications modules for GSM alarm systems, like our “shed sensor” (to come) and Vibsolas-Gea, they came across GPS modules on the same boards; they were tempted to start making tracking devices, having been asked by the Police, but frankly it is a crowded market so they did a lot of research and passed the solutions on to us.  So if you want to track your cat, your Caterpillar or Asprey handbag come to us.

If you want something overt it is there in the shop.  It truly vies with devices many times the cost and has a great bespoke dashboard’

If you need something covert – call us, because we don’t want to show the bad guys out there what we can do.

The long & short of it is … if you want something that works and doesn’t give you hours of grief (We have been there!), please don’t use Amazon, Alibaba, Banggood, eBay etc; speak to us and if we don’t know the answer we will help you find it.